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Modern and natural product based on Adriatic Sea water for correct treatment of the auditory passage in adults and children from 1+ year old.

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What is Aqua Maris® Oto?

This is an isotonic seawater solution. It is an alternative to cotton buds for ear care, because cotton buds are potentially dangerous due to risk of damaging the ear drum. The bottle has a reverse tip which reverses the flow of fluid, thus preventing the liquid from getting in deeper parts. The tip is rounded and has an optimum length, allowing its use even by babies 0+.

What you should know about earwax:

  • It is produced in the external auditory passage
  • It protects the ear from mud, dust and infections
  • 2,000 ceruminous glands produce 12–20 mg of earwax per month, which comes to a cup per year!

Children suffer from the cerumen impaction most often, which is explained by the auditory passage’s anatomic features. It also occurs in teenagers using headphones and ‘headset assembly,’ and in people working under conditions of increased dust content, patients with earphones and elderly people.

Why do doctors recommend against using cotton buds?

1. The auditory passage has a narrowing like an hourglass. If you constantly push the cerumen into the ear, preventing it from coming out naturally, it’s going to be trapped in the place of the narrowing, becoming thick and forming an impaction.

2. Cotton buds should only be used for the treatment of the external part of the auditory passage and the ear auricle. Their use for the hygiene of the ‘deeper’ ear parts is potentially risky and may damage the eardrum.

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  • Natural water from the Adriatic Sea
    Aqua Maris® is created with the help of the unique technology based on natural seawater, collected near the Northern Velebit National Park (certified by UNESCO)
    How it is created?
  • Safe hygiene of the meatus
    Check out the advantages of the unique Aqua Maris® bottles.
    How does it work?

Aqua Maris® Oto

  • Cleans auditory passages
  • Removes excess cerumen
  • Prevents formation of cerumen impactions

For hygienic treatment of the external auditory passage in adults and children from 1+ year old Aqua Maris® Oto should be used 1–2 times a day, 2–3 times a week. In case of excessive earwax, the product should be used daily.

Aqua Maris® Oto spray for ears should not be used in case of:

  • eardrum perforation
  • ear pain without consulting a doctor

Method of use:

1. Tilt your head (it is recommended to carry out the procedure over the sink or in the shower)

2. Carefully get the tip into the right auditory passage

3. Press the upper cap part for 1 second: the specially designed tip provides effective washing of the auditory passage and prevents the solution from getting deep inside the auditory passage

4. Remove excess liquid with paper tissue

5. Repeat the procedure for the left ear

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I’d like to share some information. Recently I bought Aqua Maris Oto for ears on the recommendation of a doctor. I used to buy this brand for my nose and I didn’t know about this new one. This is a very interesting thing. When you press the spray head, water splashes not upwards, but downwards, as an umbrella. It all started when I cleaned my daughter’s ears (she is 2 years old) with a cotton bud (though I knew that it’s forbidden!), and when my child gave a jerk, she screamed so loud that I swore not to do this anymore… Thank God, everything was OK. Now I clean ears with Aqua Maris – my daughter likes it, and I am unworried. I recommend it to everybody!

Aqua Maris® products are based on the natural water from the Adriatic Sea and contain entire range of valuable minerals and microelements.

  • Ca and Mg improve metabolic processes, activating the motion of ciliated cells. They help nasal mucosa in self-cleaning, thus preventing accumulation of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Zn and Se stimulate local immunity of nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses.
  • I and NaCl activate production of protective nasal mucus by special cells, and the air inhaled is humidified.
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Do not use cotton buds, use Aqua Maris® Oto

Auditory passages are narrow and winding. That is why they are difficult to treat. However, hygiene is essential, as cerumen accumulation and cerumen impactions exert pressure on eardrums, which can cause discomfort, headache and diseases of the auditory organs. Use of cotton buds threatens to seal off the auditory passage with cerumen or occasionally damage the eardrum.