Medicine for treatment rhinitis Aqua Maris Baby


A product based on natural water from the Adriatic Sea for treatment of rhinitis accompanied by abundant nasal discharge in children 3+ months old

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What is Aqua Maris® Baby Intensive Rinsing?

This is an isotonic seawater solution. The product does not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. Therefore it may be used even by the youngest patients. The bottle has an anatomical tip designed especially for a small child's nose. Mom can control the duration of lavage in order to clean viscous mucus from baby's nose as thoroughly as possible because this is an essential part of the therapy.

In case of rhinitis it is very important to help your child to get rid of accumulated mucus in a timely manner, to normalise breathing and to prevent further spread of infection. A continuous flow of Aqua Maris® Baby Intensive Rinsing Intensive Rinsing gently cleans the nose and prepares mucosa for other local drugs (e.g. vasoconstrictors). In turn, the microelements of seawater facilitate mucus dilution, thus preventing its accumulation and congestion. It prevents further spread of infection to the paranasal sinuses and ear cavity and such complications as sinusitis and otitis.

The product is recommended for treatment:

  • Rhinitis — inflammation of nasal cavity
  • Sinusitis — paranasal sinus inflammation
  • Adenoiditis — pharyngeal tonsil inflammation
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  • Natural water from the Adriatic Sea
    Aqua Maris® is created with the help of the unique technology based on natural seawater, collected near the Northern Velebit National Park (certified by UNESCO)
    How it is created?
  • Convenient bottle tip for babies’ noses
    Check out the advantages of the unique Aqua Maris® bottles.
    How does it work?
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Aqua Maris® Baby Intensive Rinsing

  • The bottle has a special tip for children
  • It removes viscous mucus containing bacteria and viruses from the nose.
  • The product has a local anti-inflammatory effect.
  • It reduces the risk of infection in the paranasal sinuses and ear cavity.
  • It reduces the duration of illness.

To treat runny nose, wash each nasal passage 4-6 times a day. Wash baby's nose in the lying position. Hold baby's head on one side, insert the bottle tip into the upper nasal passage. Then press and hold the tip for several seconds. Help your baby to blow its nose or remove excess liquid with a child's aspirator. Repeat the procedure with the other nasal passage.

Alexandra Kudrina Feedback form

My little daughter says: when Aqua Maris® is poured, mucus is gone.

Ksenia Feedback form

Aqua Maris® is an excellent opportunity to avoid grandmother’s horseradish, garlic, hot potatoes and other ‘well-tried empirical remedies’!

Igor Irecommend

We didn’t find Aqua Maris in a day. We tried other products, but... I’ve already described them... The pressure of Aqua Maris is just what the doctor prescribed, i.e. not too strong and not traumatizing for a child, but sufficient for a deep nose lavage. Spraying seawater into the nasal cavity, this product promotes effective dissolution of accumulated and drying mucus (snot). It’s better to use an aspirator after using Aqua Maris to achieve a good result.

Cruz Irecommend

I learned about this product after I’d given birth to our baby. Rather, when she turned a year old, when she had runny nose for the first time. This product was recommended by two ENT specialists. And yes, we visited two different doctors just to be sure. The product was prescribed as part of a complex therapy.

Elena Otzovik

Nasal spray for children Aqua Maris® Baby Intensive Rinsing – this is what’s saving us. We’ve been using Aqua Maris drops since birth, but now my son often suffers from allergic rhinitis. Other drops didn’t help, so we bought a spray, though it was of no use. When I was buying a product for nose lavage for my child, the saleswoman recommended Aqua Maris® Baby Intensive Rinsing. When I came home and unpacked my purchase, I found out that it is prescribed for children 1+ year old, and my baby was only 7 months old. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t understand those restrictions, as the solution had the same composition and differed slightly from the drops. Having got an approval from the doctor, we used the product twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. When the baby is sitting, it can be used better. So, when the baby is sitting, I pour the solution, which flows back out with all the baby’s natural fluids. I throw a towel around the baby’s neck for the sake of convenience and comfort, covering the arms and holding my baby sidewise, I fix his head, and his hands don’t disturb the process, and the solution doesn’t stain either him, or me. After that, we use a nose aspirator.

Rap-toti Otzovik

I didn’t know about Aqua Maris in the form of a spray. I used to apply Aqua Maris drops and Aqualor Baby in spray, because it was prescribed from 0+ years old. It is rather expensive, so after my friend recommended trying Aqua Maris spray, I bought it. My son, who is 1.5 year old, doesn’t like nasal drops, and goes into hysterics and tears. He really liked the spray, trying to use it by himself, and when I spray his nasal cavity with it, he is laughing instead of being afraid. That is why this method is quite acceptable for us. Spray is very convenient to use, and one quick pressing is more than enough for one nostril. The fluid flows out immediately, carrying all harmful bacteria with it. When my child is having boogers, I wash his nose twice. The first time – to soften them, and second time – to wash them out with the fluid. I also liked spray in terms of its efficiency, which is why we are going to use it in the future.


Aqua Maris® products are based on the natural water from the Adriatic Sea and contain entire range of valuable minerals and microelements.

  • Ca and Mg improve metabolic processes, activating the motion of ciliated cells. They help nasal mucosa in self-cleaning, thus preventing accumulation of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Zn and Se stimulate local immunity of nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses.
  • I and NaCl activate production of protective nasal mucus by special cells, and the air inhaled is humidified.

Regular and thorough nose washing with Aqua Maris® Norm (2+ years old) or Aqua Maris® Baby Intensive Rinsing (3+ months old) is necessary in case of rhinitis, sinusitis and other nasopharynx diseases. Continuous seawater flow mechanically removes excessive mucus, viruses and bacteria, while microelements of Aqua Maris® restore and protect mucosa, preparing it for application of other drugs thus ensuring better therapeutic effects. The comprehensive action of Aqua Maris® sprays prevents further infectious contamination and reduces the duration of the respiratory disease.

Aqua Maris® restores mucosa, washing all parts of the nasal cavity and cleaning them from viruses and microorganisms. Microelements of Aqua Maris® improve local immunity (zinc, selenium) and activate mucosa cilia (magnesium, calcium). Once the nose is cleaned with Aqua Maris®, other products (vasoconstrictors, cromones, corticosteroids) can better penetrate mucosa, all of which makes it possible to reduce their dosage. Moreover, Aqua Maris® moisturizes mucosa; this is especially important after application of vasoconstrictors which lead to increased dryness and crust formation.

Aqua Maris® cannot be replaced by water and salt or a normal salt solution, since in this case you only get the saline (sodium chloride) solution. It’s unfit for long-term storage, because it will certainly contain bacteria. Aqua Maris® has its own unique composition of water microelements of the Adriatic Sea and each of them contributes to the product’s therapeutic effect. Aqua Maris® sterility at production facilities is ensured with a special seawater filtering method which makes it possible to preserve all useful microelements and to extract organic particles (bacteria, phytogenic or zoogenic substances), thereby avoiding aggressive sterilization methods.

Use Aqua Maris® just for a few seconds a day and your child will be protected from cold and runny nose

When your child goes to kindergarten or school, visits parties for children or shopping areas, when you use public transport, remember that immunity needs some help. During an epidemic or in case of contact with people around, make preventive care with Aqua Maris® daily habit of your child!

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