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for Children

This is an isotonic seawater solution. Microelements of Aqua Maris® for Children have a favorable effect on the mucosa of the child's nose, stimulate natural mechanisms of self-cleaning and protection against viruses.

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0+ from the birth

What is Aqua Maris® for Children?

This is an isotonic seawater solution. Microelements of Aqua Maris® for Children have a favorable effect on the mucosa of the child's nose, stimulate natural mechanisms of self-cleaning and protection against viruses.

Nasal breathing is very important for newborns because breathing through the mouth is almost impossible in this age group: the tongue pushes the epiglottis back. Newborns cannot clean their noses from mucous and crusts which actively form during the heating season. Obstructed nasal breathing leads to infection which spreads to the nasopharynx and ear drum (rhinitis, adenoiditis, otitis), thus disturbing the process of sucking and swallowing. The baby is then restless and even rejects feeding.

Regular nasal hygiene care from the very birth:

  • It's better to clean the nose in the morning together with other hygienic procedures.
  • No cotton buds should be used to clean the baby's nose because they can injure the tender mucosa.
  • In order to soften crusts and moisturise the nasal mucosa medicine should be uswed like that: pass 1-2 drops into each nasal passage, then use a soft cotton turunda to remove mucous and crusts.
  • You may repeat the procedure to completely soften and eliminating crusts from the nasal cavity.

How to protect your child if somebody from your family gets ill with ARVI?

  • Limit kids/ communications with the ailing family member
  • The ailing person should use a face mask
  • The room should be ventilated regularly
  • Maintain optimal humidity and air temperature (60% RH, 18°С) in the child's room
  • In order to wash viruses and bacteria from nasal mucosa use two Aqua Maris® drops for each nasal passage 3 times a day, then remove nasal secretion with an aspirator.

The risk of a baby getting ARVI is higher in families where elder children go to kindergarten or school.

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  • Natural water from the Adriatic Sea
    Aqua Maris® is created with the help of the unique technology based on natural seawater, collected near the Northern Velebit National Park (certified by UNESCO)
    How it is created?
  • Safe for small children
    Check out the advantages of the unique Aqua Maris® bottles.
    How does it work?
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Aqua Maris® for Children

  • The product softens and removes dry crusts and accumulated mucous
  • It helps to strengthen the local immunity
  • The product moisturizes and protects mucosa

Mode of use:

To prevent cold and rhinitis you should use 2 drops into each nasal passage 3 times a day, then remove nasal secretion with an aspirator.

Mila Feedback form

Such a wonderful product to cure my baby’s runny nose! My little girl was only 6 months old when she got runny nose. I cured it with Aqua Maris in drops, and I was surprised — the disease was gone soon after it started! I regularly use one drop a day in the morning and in the evening!

Tatyana Feedback form

We’ve been also using Aqua Maris drops since the first day of baby's life! It’s so convenient – you just inject the drops into the nose, all boogers soften and are washed away! I used to wonder why we didn’t have runny nose when SARS is diagnosed! We’ve switched to Aqua Maris® spray! Such a great thing! We will always use it.

SweetDaughter’sMama Irecommend

Aqua Maris is harmless and it can be used from 0+ years old! It has a dropper, which makes it easy to inject the water into the nose. I apply several drops to each nostril and in 10-20 seconds our nose if self-cleaning)))

Nastya Irecommend

Let me tell you that regardless of my baby’s state of health at the moment, Aqua Maris is always at hand. These drops helped us to get rid of crusts.

Muumimamm Irecommend

There’s a common opinion that a nose should be washed by an ordinary physiological salt solution, replacing Aqua Maris, supposedly showing the same effect. There can be some effect, but not the same. A physiological solution contains only NaCl, and Aqua Maris drops’ composition is more sophisticated. You can’t replace many of its microelements.

Elena Otzovik

These drops are especially useful during the period of the central heating in apartments in winter, when indoor air gets very dry. These drops not only moisturize the mucosa, but also protect it from harmful microorganisms. This makes these drops vital during the cold season for the prevention of the catarrhal diseases. We always used them after coming back indoors.

Marusya Otzovik

This product is very efficient. It helps our child to breathe easily and have a peaceful sleep at night. 2 drops 2-3 times a day are enough. The only inconvenience is that a child may wiggle out and avoid injecting the drops, so Aqua Maris spray is preferable, but it is recommended for use from 1+ year old, and the drops – from 0+ years old.


Aqua Maris® products are based on the natural water from the Adriatic Sea and contain entire range of valuable minerals and microelements.

  • Ca and Mg improve metabolic processes, activating the motion of ciliated cells. They help nasal mucosa in self-cleaning, thus preventing accumulation of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Zn and Se stimulate local immunity of nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses.
  • I and NaCl activate production of protective nasal mucus by special cells, and the air inhaled is humidified.

Aqua Maris® cannot be replaced by water and salt or a normal salt solution, since in this case you only get the saline (sodium chloride) solution. It’s unfit for long-term storage, because it will certainly contain bacteria. Aqua Maris® has its own unique composition of water microelements of the Adriatic Sea and each of them contributes to the product’s therapeutic effect. Aqua Maris® sterility at production facilities is ensured with a special seawater filtering method which makes it possible to preserve all useful microelements and to extract organic particles (bacteria, phytogenic or zoogenic substances), thereby avoiding aggressive sterilization methods.

Treatment of rhinitis in a child is a demanding challenge

It is very important not only to cure the disease, but also to avoid any complications caused by it: otitis (ear infection) and sinusitis (inflammation of paranasal sinuses) which use to be common complications of runny nose in children.

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