Drug for treatment and prevention allergic rhinitis


Innovative product for prevention of allergic rhinitis based on the unique Ectoin® substance for adults and children from 2+ years old.

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What is Aqua Maris® Ectoin?

Its active ECTOIN® component protects the mucosa from attachment of allergens, significantly reducing the possibility of allergic reaction.

Ectoin® is a recent development in biotechnology. This organic substance forms firm compounds with water molecules, forming a protective film, preventing allergens from sinking into the mucosa. Therefore, it blocks development of further allergic reaction and reduces the intensity of allergic rhinitis. What do you need to know about allergic rhinitis?

What do you need to know about allergic rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis is a mucosa inflammation caused by the inhaled allergens. It can be acute or chronic. Allergic rhinitis can be seasonal and year-round.


Develops as a result of the intolerance to pollen during the blossoming period of some plants and manifests itself during a strictly defined period of the year. Pollen is widely transferred by the wind. A trip to the region where the allergenic plants grow can cause aggravation of the disease.

Three periods are characterized by increased pollen concentration in the air:

  • SPRING (trees’ blossoming)
  • SUMMER (meadow grass)
  • AUTUMN (weeds)


It is caused by allergens which are in the permanent contact with a person. As a rule, those are domestic allergens: micromites, animal dander, household chemicals.

! While allergens disappear from the air (during rains or in winter), the symptoms get weaker or disappear.

Allergic rhinitis symptoms can be falsely taken for catarrhal disease.

The main distinctive features of allergic rhinitis are:

  • Severe itching in the nose and in the nasal pharynx
  • Frequent sneezing. In some cases the number may reach 10–20 times
  • Sneezing is accompanied by the mucus excretion from the nasal cavity

Allergic rhinitis preventive measures.

Preventive measures are the only simple and safe way to avoid allergic reaction. Severity of the symptoms and the disease’s course depend on the quantity of the inhaled allergens.

To reduce the number of the allergens in the air, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • If you have to leave the house or clean it, 10–15 minutes before contact with the assumed allergen use AQUA MARIS® Ectoin to prevent symptoms appearance. It creates an impalpable protective barrier for the mucosa, preventing allergens from sinking into it, thus significantly reducing the risk of allergic reaction.
  • Wash your face and hands with cool water after every walk, change your clothes to get rid of the acqiured pollen or dust
  • Remove from your lodgings carpets, curtains, stuffed toys and other objects which quickly accumulate dust
  • Wet clean the apartment you are in several times a day
  • Don’t dry your linen outdoors, as it can accumulate the pollen
  • Don’t take pets, as animal dander has intense allergic properties
  • When the plants are blossoming, try to avoid leaving the house on windy days. If there is a necessity to air the apartment, hang a damp cloth on the window; it will protect you from the pollen for some time
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  • Ectoin is a sensation in biotechnologies
    Ectoin prevents the attachment of allergens as well as the allergic reaction triggering, has proven anti-inflammatory properties and doesn’t have chemical analogues.
  • Ideal for allergic rhinitis prevention
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Aqua Maris® Ectoin

  • Helps to avoid contact of allergens with the mucosa
  • Prevents further development of the allergic reaction
  • Has protective and anti-inflammatory properties

Children from 2+ years old and adults: 1–2 injections into each nostril 3–4 times a day.

It can be used as often as it is necessary. To reach maximum preventive effect, Aqua Maris® Ectoin spray for nose should be used 10–15 minutes before contact with the assumed allergen or other irritant.

Before using Aqua Maris® Ectoin, use Aqua Maris® Norm or Aqua Maris® Device in order to clean and prepare the mucosa. This will help to achieve maximum therapeutic effect.

Aqua Maris® Ectoin spray for nose should be used systematically during the whole period of active blossoming and pollen dispersion of the allergy-causing plants.

Aqua Maris® Ectoin spray for nose should be used systematically during the whole period of active blossoming and pollen dispersion of the allergy-causing plants. It is recommended to use Aqua Maris® Ectoin spray for nose every time after cleaning the nasal cavity (blowing one’s nose or washing it).

Smelaya2 Otzovik

I started using it and sprayed it every 1.5-2 hours out of habit. After I’d been strolling in the park with my boyfriend for three hours, I found out that I forgot to take my spray with me. In other words, I didn’t even have to use it! Everybody suffering from allergy is going to understand how amazing it feels!!!!

Tatysha Otzovik

I drew the conclusion that Aqua Maris Ectoin is a life-line both for pregnant women and for others. I’m planning to use this spray, as its use seemed more cost-efficient to me compared to the pile of my drugs simultaneously.


The main active substance is Ectoin® 2 g.

Ectoin® is a sensation in biotechnology

  • A discovery of Swedish scientists
  • Unique substance produced by special ‘extremophile’ microorganisms for protection from hostile environments
  • Forms firm compounds with water molecules on the mucosa surface
  • Forms a protective hydrofilm
  • Prevents allergens from attaching and from ‘launching’ the allergic reaction
  • Proven anti-inflammatory properties
  • No chemical analogues

Aqua Maris® Ectoin should be used every time a person suffering from allergic rhinitis leaves the house and plans to ‘meet’ the potential allergen. During pollinosis, it should be used daily in case of allergic response to animals, plant pollen, household chemicals and hypersensitivity to domestic dust. Aqua Maris® Ectoin should be used 10–15 minutes before contact with the assumed allergen or another irritant. Its effect lasts for about 3 hours. Before using Aqua Maris® Ectoin it is recommended to use Aqua Maris® Norm or Aqua Maris® Device for cleaning nasal mucosa and prepare it for the application of a specific medication. This will help to achieve maximum therapeutic effect.

What is allergic rhinitis?

As a matter of fact, allergic rhinitis is a wrong reaction of the immune system to any substance to which it has become too sensitive. Once the allergen gets onto the mucosa, the immune system reacts by producing special substances — histamines. They become the reason of the allergic inflammation accompanied by a runny nose, nose stuffiness, itching and sneezing.

Aqua Maris® Ectoin for allergy treatment is able to give a strong protection from the allergens.

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