For ARVI and rhinitis prevention Aqua Maris Classic


A product manufactured from Adriatic Seawater for prevention ARVI and rhinitis in adults and children 1+ years old.

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The use of isotonic saline solution for nasal rinsing is recommended by the Ministry of Health as an effective means of coronavirus infection* preventing

Aqua Maris® Classic is an isotonic Adriatic Sea water solution, rich in useful microelements and minerals. The presentation (pump spray) allows you to irrigate the anterior parts of the nose - these are the areas where the largest number of respiratory viruses "settle", when enter the nose during breathing.

Aqua Maris® Classic:

  • Removes viruses and bacteria from the mucosal surface
  • Increases resistance to their implementation **
  • Provides constant hydration
  • Strengthens local mucosal immunity

Indications to use Aqua Maris® for prevention:

  • Before and after visiting public places (kindergarten, school, polyclinic, public transport etc.)
  • Before and after contact with the patients suffering from virus diseases
  • What is coronavirus?
    Coronaviruses — are a large family of special respiratory viruses that infect humans and some animals. The name is associated with structural features: the virus resembles a corona under a microscope
    About coronavirus
  • Natural water from the Adriatic Sea
    Aqua Maris® is created with the help of the unique technology based on natural seawater, collected near the Northern Velebit National Park (certified by UNESCO)
    How it is created?
  • Ideal for prevention of catarrhal diseases
    Check out the advantages of the unique Aqua Maris® bottles.
    How does it work?
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Aqua Maris® Classic

  • The product reduces risk of catarrhal infections
  • Removes viruses and bacteria
  • Boosts the local immunity
  • Moisturizes the nose mucosa

Children aged 1–7 year: 1-2 injections 1–3 times a day in each nasal passage

Children aged 7-16 years: 2 injections 2 times a day in each nasal passage

Adults: 2-3 injections 3-6 times a day in each nasal passage

Europharm Pharmacy web-site Europharm Pharmacy web-site Aqua Maris reviews on the

“We and our children use Aqua Maris to cure runny nose and we are very pleased with it. It makes nasal breathing easier, eliminates nose stuffiness for a day and can be used as a preventive measure both by adults and children. When there was no such product, I used to take seawater from the holidays at the seaside and inject it into the nose, and now there’s a clean and effective product”.

Elena Feedback form

I used to wash my 3-year old son’s nose with a saline solution. He screamed “Help! Don’t kill me!” after having read Chukovsky. Maybe there was no Aqua Maris those days, or I might have been unaware of it. One day I bought Aqua Maris spray at the pharmacy, washed my children’s noses and got surprised — they didn’t protest! I thought that they became reconciled to their lot, and I tried it myself. We’ve been using Aqua Maris ever since.

Asya Zuikova Feedback form

I live by the ocean and can’t even imagine not breathing this salty air, not looking out beyond the horizon and not falling asleep lulled by the waves. Seawater and sea air are vital components to me, because they’ve literally put me on my feet: they’ve brought my immunity back, strengthened me and made me breathe deeply. That is why a product based on seawater is the most useful thing for everybody!

Duduvanchik Otzovik

I can’t imagine my life without Aqua Maris. The heating season is a real hell for my eyes and a nose. Dry air dries up the mucosa to such an extent that bloody crusts appear. It hurts and it’s unpleasant. I’ve been using Aqua Maris for about 4 years now almost on a permanent basis during the heating season. Sometimes I even wake up at night just to inject a new ‘dose’. Some people say that this is simply purified seawater and you can use cheaper products (Aqua Maris is quite expensive). I tried many similar products, and they do not work for me. I think it’s the excellent dispenser that makes the difference. The product deals very well with nose dryness, which is why I rarely fall ill, as my mucosa functions properly.

Innalina Irecommend

Aqua Maris spray is always at hand. When we are running out of it, we buy a new flask at once. I use it rarely, but this spray is irreplaceable for my child, who used to fall ill very often. It resulted in enlarged adenoids. I disagree with those people who find it possible to choose a cheaper analogue with the same effect. We tried many different products, but Aqua Maris is the best.

To my surprise, the spray did a great job in curing my runny nose – snivel and nose stuffiness are gone, as well as the nasalpharynx itching.


We’ve been using nose drops since I was released from the maternity hospital. Before the baby was born, we were advised to inject a drop into every nostril before cleaning it. Both crusts are easily removed, and preventive measures are taken. When it gets into the baby’s mouth through the nose, it doesn’t cry or frown, though we used a saline solution to wash baby’s nose some time ago and it caused tears and coughing... probably the salt concentration was high and it burned the baby’s mucosa. After a nose lavage with Aqua Maris over three consecutive days, it was cured. So, I recommend it to everyone.

Aqua Maris® products are based on the natural water from the Adriatic Sea and contain entire range of valuable minerals and microelements.

  • Ca and Mg improve metabolic processes, activating the motion of ciliated cells. They help nasal mucosa in self-cleaning, thus preventing accumulation of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Zn and Se stimulate local immunity of nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses.
  • I and NaCl activate production of protective nasal mucus by special cells, and the air inhaled is humidified.

Aqua Maris® cannot be replaced by water and salt or a normal salt solution, since in this case you only get the saline (sodium chloride) solution. It’s unfit for long-term storage, because it will certainly contain bacteria. Aqua Maris® has its own unique composition of water microelements of the Adriatic Sea and each of them contributes to the product’s therapeutic effect. Aqua Maris® sterility at production facilities is ensured with a special seawater filtering method which makes it possible to preserve all useful microelements and to extract organic particles (bacteria, phytogenic or zoogenic substances), thereby avoiding aggressive sterilization methods.

Treatment of rhinitis is a demanding challenge.

It is very important not only to cure the disease, but also to avoid any complications caused by it: otitis (ear infection) and sinusitis (infection to the paranasal sinuses), very common complications of runny nose in children.

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