Medicine for treatment rhinitis Aqua Maris Plus


The product based on natural water from the Adriatic Sea and dexpanthenol to prevent dry rhinitis, remove crusts and regenerate mucosa in adults and children 1+ years old.

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What is Aqua Maris® Plus?

This is an isotonic seawater solution with dexpanthenol. It takes the form of dosed spray. The product does not contain any chemical additives or preservatives. The product is prescribed to restore the pituitary membrane in at ‘dry’ (atrophic) rhinitis for elimination of a ‘dry’ feeling and ‘crusts’ in the nose. Dexpanthenol as a component of Aqua Maris® Plus helps to repair and restore the mucosa. Sea water microelements improve the ciliated epithelium function, thus strengthening resistance of the nasal cavity mucosa and sinuses towards harmful bacteria and viruses.

Damage of nasal mucosa is a result of inflammation proccess, long-last usage of the vasoconstrictive agents, local hormonal agents or as a result of nasal surgical intervention

Indications for use of Aqua Maris® Plus:

  • Prevention of catarrhal diseases
  • Mucosa restoration in atrophic (‘dry’) rhinitis (runny nose)
  • Mucosa restoration after local glucocorticosteroids and vasoconstrictive agents
  • Mucosa restoration after surgical intervention
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  • Natural water from the Adriatic Sea
    Aqua Maris® is created with the help of the unique technology based on natural seawater, collected near the Northern Velebit National Park (certified by UNESCO)
    How it is created?
  • Ideal for mucosa restoration
    Check out the advantages of the unique Aqua Maris® bottles.
    How does it work?
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Aqua Maris® Plus

  • The product regenerates and protects the mucosa
  • Boosts resistance to bacteria and viruses, lowering the risk of catching a catarrhal disease
  • Children aged 1-7 years: 1-2 injections 1-3 times  a day in each nasal passage;
  • Children aged 7-16 years: 2 injections 2-4 times a day in each nasal passage;
  • Children 16+ and adults: 2-3 injections 2-6 times  a day in each nasal passage.
Innersta Irecommend

Though it does not remove oedema immediately, it does not damage your body; it doesn’t cause addiction, chronic or vasomotor rhinitis. Vice versa, it helps a lot within the frames of a complex therapy, including cases of the chronic runny nose. I try to use it regularly, especially when the heating season begins, when the indoor air gets dry, and the mucosa dries up. I noticed fewer symptoms of nose stuffiness and runny nose when I catch a cold.

dinvektiva Otzovik

My son had herpes in his nose, and he picked his nose and crusts with his fingers. When herpes was gone, my son couldn’t get rid of this bad habit and picked his nose until it bled. When I came to the pharmacy and explained our problem to the pharmacist, she recommended me to buy Aqua Maris Plus with dexpanthenol. It took its effect soon enough, and in three days the wound didn’t bother my son at all, and he stopped picking his nose with his finger.

O.O. Irecommend

I’ve been suffering from tonsillitis for 2 years now. It became chronic and aggravated 3 times this year. I read about a wonderful recipe in the Internet, absolutely harmless for all population categories (infants, pregnant and nursing women). One of the points of this recipe was nasalpharynx lavage with Aqua Maris with dexpanthenol, which wonderfully moisturizes and heals the mucosa dried up by the drugs. This is vitally important for tonsillitis, otherwise you won’t be able to avoid nasal bleeding and aggravation of infection.

Ekaterina Frolova Feedback form

Mucosa of a person spending his/her workdays in stone jungle with a fire-breathing central heating and conditioned air turns into a stony desert without Aqua Maris.


Dexpanthenol promotes nasal mucosa recovery, normalises cellular metabolism and has slight anti-inflammatory action.

Water from the Adriatic Sea contains the entire range of beneficial minerals and microelements

  • Ca and Mg improve metabolic processes, activating the motion of ciliated cells. They help nasal mucosa in self-cleaning, thus preventing accumulation of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Zn and Se stimulate local immunity of nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses.
  • I and NaCl activate production of protective nasal mucus by special cells, and the air inhaled is humidified.

Aqua Maris® cannot be replaced by water and salt or a normal salt solution, since in this case you only get the saline (sodium chloride) solution. It’s unfit for long-term storage, because it will certainly contain bacteria. Aqua Maris® has its own unique composition of water microelements of the Adriatic Sea and each of them contributes to the product’s therapeutic effect. Aqua Maris® sterility at production facilities is ensured with a special seawater filtering method which makes it possible to preserve all useful microelements and to extract organic particles (bacteria, phytogenic or zoogenic substances), thereby avoiding aggressive sterilization methods.

Treatment of runny nose is a demanding challenge.

It is very important not only to cure the disease, but also to avoid any complications caused by it: otitis (ear infection) and sinusitis (infection to the paranasal sinuses), common complications of runny nose in children and adults.

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