How to cure your baby’s runny nose?

Runny nose (rhinitis) is a condition well-known to all parents. Troubled nasal breathing, fluid or mucous discharge from the nose, irritability, loss of appetite and frequently waking up at night are considered to be the most common manifestations of rhinitis. However, the symptoms are not the main risk. The baby’s immature immune system and peculiarities of nasalpharynx structure facilitate penetration microorganisms from the nasal cavity into the middle ear or paranasal sinuses. That is why when treating a runny nose in babies the main attention should be paid to preventing sinusitis and otitis, i.e. complications of a runny nose.

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What can cause a rhinitis in babies?

Strong rhinitis in babies is usually a result of mucosa inflammation. The immune system perceives the substances released by pathogens coming into contact with the mucosa as hostile. As a result, an oedema is formed, the release of mucous is increased and the protective mechanism is triggered to get rid of inflammation cause. As the disease evolves, mucosa becomes more viscous and dense, thus losing its protective features.

The second most common reason of a rhinitis in babies is an allergic reaction to an irritant (pollen or spores of plants, dust mites or micromold, animal dander, etc.). This can be accompanied by a dry runny nose, when nasal breathing is affected as a result of the mucosa oedema without discharge from the nose.

Aqua Maris® Baby Intensive Rinsing for treatment of a strong rhinitis with abundant nasal discharge in babies of 3+ months

The seawater-based product helps cure rhinitis in babies from 3+ months and facilitates their recovery. Microelements stimulate local immunity and protective functions of the mucosa. A special bottle tip is adjusted for use in babies and allows easy nose lavage, thus helping to wash out mucus and viruses. Aqua Maris® Baby Intensive Rinsing helps to reduce the risk of microbial contamination of he middle ear cavity and nasal sinuses, thus preventing otitis media and sinusitis.

Aqua Maris® Norm Intensive Rinsing for treatment rhinitis with abundant mucous in adults and children

Aqua Maris® Norm Intensive Rinsing is used to treat rhinitis in children and adults, including pregnant and nursing women. When supplied under pressure into nasal passages, seawater removes viruses, bacteria and alien particles from the mucosa, thus promoting quicker recovery. Mineral substances in the seawater stimulate mucosa protection and its restoration both after an inflammatory process or nasal cavity surgery.

Aqua Maris® Strong for nasal stuffiness

Aqua Maris® Strong is a hypertonic solution of Adriatic Sea water. Aqua Maris® Strong is a medication aimed at treatment of rhinitis, helping to reduce mucosa oedema and restore nasal breathing. Aqua Maris® Strong is a natural alternative to chemical vasoconstrictives. Increased salt concentration in the seawater helps to remove excess liquid from the mucosa in the nasal cavity, reducing oedema and stimulating the natural process of drawing out infected mucous from nasal passages. Aqua Maris® Strong does not contain any preservatives and acts only locally. That is why it is recommended for children from 1+ year old as well as pregnant and nursing women.

Aqua Maris® Device for nasal rinsing in patients with colds and chronic rhinitis.

Aqua Maris® Device is used for deep cleaning of the nasalpharynx in case of frequent colds and chronic rhinitis. Useful seawater microelements and minerals provide additional mucosa protection and restore local immunity. Liquid is supplied into the nasal passages by without additional pressure, thereby reducing the risk of undesirable increase of pressure in the eustachian tube. Thus risk of developing otitis is minimized. The device can be used by adults and children from 3+ years old.

Aqua Maris® products for treatment of a runny nose in babies

УTaking into account the complications caused by a ‘common’ rhinitis, it’s no surprise that parents are worried by the following question: how to cure their baby’s runny nose. Treatment of rhinitis should lead to restoration of the mucosa, provide normal fluid secretions and prevent progression to a chronic form or any complications (otitis, maxillary sinusitis etc.). Aqua Maris® Baby helps clean the nasal cavity of bacteria and viruses in a baby with a rhinitis with abundant mucous. Aqua Maris® Strong facilitates nasal breathing in case of stuffiness.

Aqua Maris® Baby is made from the natural seawater of the preserved area near the the Adriatic Sea noted by special diploma of UNESCO. The pressurized seawater stream safely washes the nose along all nasal passages, washing out mucosa and harmful substances (viruses, bacteria, dust particles, etc.) from nasal passages and useful microelements restore and protect mucosa.

If your baby’s breathing is obstructed and the nose is stuffed, Aqua Maris® Strong with higher salt concentration will help (it should be used for children of 1+ year old). Aqua Maris® Strong helps draw out liquid from the mucosa cells, facilitates oedema reduction and nasal breathing. Product application will help to cure a rhinitis and accelerate recovery in case of complications (rhinosinusitis, nasopharyngitis, etc.)

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