Treatment of allergic rhinitis

Completely natural innovative Aqua Maris® Ectoin is recommended as a protective ‘barrier’ therapy in treatment of allergic rhinitis in children and adults. As a rule, this condition is accompanied by rhinitis caused by the allergic reaction to animal dander, pollen, domestic dust, some food products and other allergens which have an effect on sensitive people.

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Allergic rhinitis and its symptoms

Hypersensitivity to different allergens, first of all, to pollen, is a reason of nasal stuffiness in allergic children and adults. Allergic rhinitis manifests itself with nasal stuffiness, troubled breathing, itching, repeated sneezing and abundant mucous secretions. Allergic rhinitis is characterized by oedema of the mucosa and vasodilation. Nose stuffiness, oedema and other allergic rhinitis symptoms appear not only in spring, when most of the plants are in blossom. This disease has three main ‘peak’ attacks:

  • spring (the second half of April – May). During this period allergic nasal stuffiness is caused by pollen of blossoming trees: hazel, alder, oak, birch, ash, etc.;
  • beginning – middle of summer (June – July). During this period oedema of the mucosa, nose stuffiness and other symptoms of allergic rhinitis in adults and children are caused by blossoming of grass: timothy, three-fork-grass, fescue, etc.;
  • end of summer – beginning of autumn (August – September). During this period oedema and nose stuffiness are caused by weed blossoming: orach, sage, plantain, ambrosi, etc.

Without timely and correct treatment, allergic rhinitis can lead to an increased risk of bronchial asthma, otitis (ear inflammation), chronic sinusitis (inflammation and oedema of mucosa and paranasal sinuses).

Aqua Maris® Ectoin for protection from allergic rhinitis

Aqua Maris® Ectoin eases the allergic rhinitis symptoms and facilitates restoration of mucosa, damaged by allergens in adults and children. Its active Ectoin® component forms a protective film, preventing allergen contact with cells, thus significantly reducing the chance of an allergic reaction. The product can be used by adults and children from 2+ years old.

The barrier effect of Aqua Maris® Ectoin means that, when bound to water molecules, its main component (Ectoin) forms a so-called ‘water shield’ on the mucosa surface. Ectoin® is produced by extremophiles, very ancient microorganisms which have been living in conditions of drought, excessive salinity and humidity for many centuries. Ectoin® is vital for such microorganisms in order to protect them from hostile environments. Extremophiles were discovered in 1980 in Egypt, in one of the saltiest lakes –Wadi El Natrun. Nowadays Ectoin® is produced by cultivating special bacteria which produce and release Ectoin® into the environment under conditions of heightened salinity. After it reaches the required concentration, Ectoin® is subject to refining and processing. The key Ectoin® function is protection of cells from drying-out and damage. A ‘hydrofilm’ made of Ectoin® and water on the mucosa surface protects it from allergens and inhibits excretion of the components which trigger allergic reactions. Minerals and microelements of sea salt, another Aqua Maris® Ectoin component, exert a restorative and anti-inflammatory effect on the mucosa, improve ciliate epithelium functions and remove allergens from the nasal cavity.

Allergic rhinitis treatment in children and pregnant women

Aqua Maris® Ectoin can be used for allergic rhinitis treatment in children of 2+ years old and in pregnant and nursing women. Ectoin®, a component of the product, forms a ‘water shield’ induced by solid complexes with water molecules, thus hindering contact with allergens and protecting mucosa cells from damage and drying-out. Apart from mucosa protection from allergens, Aqua Maris® Ectoin also has anti-inflammatory properties. Being a completely natural product, it has a high safety profile. The optimal dosage is 1–2 sprays into each nasal passage 3–4 times a day.

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