Treatment of rhinitis and cold in adults

Aqua Maris® products for runny nose in adults are used to treat various forms of rhinitis, including allergic and viral. Aqua Maris® products manufactured from the natural water of the Adriatic Sea revive and wash the nose, thus cleaning it from microorganisms, allergens and viruses and facilitate treatment of rhinitis in adults.

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Elimination therapy in patients with rhinitis (mechanical elimination of microorganisms from the surface of the nasal mucosa)

Elimination therapy is based on the fact that when the nasal cavity is washed with seawater, mucous (snot), allergens, viruses, and bacteria are removed from it, thus helping to get rid of runny nose. The value of seawater for alleviation of runny nose has been known since Hippocrates. Nowadays nose lavage with salt solutions is one of the main methods to fight against viral rhinitis at home. Research of the efficacy of Aqua Maris® products demonstrated that these products not only remove contaminated mucous but also help in curing rhinitis in adults due to its reviving and protective properties. It has been found that the seawater contained in the product activates and enhances cilia mobility thanks to Mg and Ca; it activates removal of mucous (snot) and microorganisms causing viral rhinitis. In addition, Aqua Maris® products possess antiseptic properties and inhibit proliferation of harmful bacteria. Moreover, they enhance local immunity due to production of the antibacterial agent called lysozyme, protective interferon protein and immune proteins — immunoglobulins, thus comprehensively minimizing relapses of runny nose.

Use of Aqua Maris® in combination with other treatments of rhinitis

Prior to using any drugs to treat runny nose (allergic or viral rhinitis), you can use Aqua Maris® products. They will help nasal mucosa to better absorb chemical drug, thus reducing its dose. Nasal lavage with Aqua Maris® is recommended along with other topical drugs because the product has a mild moisturizing effect, improves cilia functioning, prevents crust formation in the nasal cavity, restores and protects nasal mucosa. Aqua Maris® may be a solution for those who do not know how to treat runny nose if there are some contraindications to vasoconstrictors and other topical synthetic drugs.

Use of Aqua Maris® to treat runny nose in pregnant women

Most drugs to treat rhinitis are prohibited during pregnancy, while permitted drugs can be used only for a limited period of time and in a small dosage because they may affect fetus. In this case, it is Aqua Maris®, a natural drug based on water from the Adriatic Sea., that can cure runny nose. Aqua Maris® products will become a good solution for those who are worried about how to treat runny nose during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Aqua Maris® Strong for nasal stuffiness

Aqua Maris® Strong is a hypertonic solution of Adriatic Sea water. Aqua Maris® Strong is a medication aimed at treatment of rhinitis, helping to reduce mucosa oedema and restore nasal breathing. Aqua Maris® Strong is a natural alternative to chemical vasoconstrictives. Increased salt concentration in the seawater helps to remove excess liquid from the mucosa in the nasal cavity, reducing oedema and stimulating the natural process of drawing out infected mucous from nasal passages. Aqua Maris® Strong does not contain any preservatives and acts only locally. That is why it is recommended for children from 1+ year old as well as pregnant and nursing women.

Aqua Maris® Norm Intensive Rinsing for treatment rhinitis with abundant mucous in adults and children

Aqua Maris® Norm Intensive Rinsing is used to treat rhinitis in children and adults, including pregnant and nursing women. When supplied under pressure into nasal passages, seawater removes viruses, bacteria and alien particles from the mucosa, thus promoting quicker recovery. Mineral substances in the seawater stimulate mucosa protection and its restoration both after an inflammatory process or nasal cavity surgery.

Aqua Maris® Device for nasal rinsing in patients with colds and chronic rhinitis.

Aqua Maris® Device is used for deep cleaning of the nasalpharynx in case of frequent colds and chronic rhinitis. Useful seawater microelements and minerals provide additional mucosa protection and restore local immunity. Liquid is supplied into the nasal passages by without additional pressure, thereby reducing the risk of undesirable increase of pressure in the eustachian tube. Thus risk of developing otitis is minimized. The device can be used by adults and children from 3+ years old.

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