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What is Aqua Maris ®
Nasal Aspirator for children?

Aspirator is an unreplaceable hygiene aid for children who do not know how to blow and clean their nose by themselves.

It is known that a newborn breathes almost 3 times more often than an adult. Free nasal breathing for the baby is very important, since breathing through the mouth is almost impossible due to the anatomical features of the organism at this age.

If breathing through the nose is difficult for some reason, then the child does not eat and sleep well, loses weight. This is cause for serious concern for his mother.

The child acquires the skill of blowing his nose only by 3-5 years!

When rhinitis, the aspirator will help release the baby’s nose from the mucus, and to remove the remaining liquid with daily care with Aqua Maris® drops in healthy children.

A small child who learned to blow his nose, , can not do it completely because of age peculiarities, since any sharp blowing of air through the nose can lead to otitis. Aspirator in this case will help to complete the process and clean the nose more qualitatively.

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  • How to teach a child to blow his nose
    Many parents know a feeling of confusion when baby is sick and can not blow his nose himself. Such a problem is not unique and the question is how to teach a child to blow his nose.
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Nasal Aspirator Aqua Maris® for Children

  • Has extra soft anatomical tips designed specifically for babies
  • Is reusable providing replacement of tips. There are 4 replaceable extra soft tips in set and there are additional sets of 10 pcs.
  • Is stored in a plastic case, which ensures its safety, cleanliness and protection from external damages.

The device is used every time the child has abundant nasal discharge.
Before using the nasal aspirator, it is recommended to wash the nose with a solution of seawater.


Put the baby on his back on a safe and comfortable surface.


Attach the replaceable tip to the central part of the aspirator housing.


Take the mouthpiece into the mouth, insert the tip into one of the nasal passages of the child and gently draw the air through the mouthpiece. The absorbent filter of the tip will retain the discharges, preventing them from entering the tube, so any swallowing of discharges is impossible. Repeat the procedure for another nasal passage.


Disconnect the used tip and discard it.

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Treatment of a rhinitis in the child is a critical task

It is important not only to manage a rhinitis but also to avoid possible complications — otitis media (ear inflammation) and sinusitis (inflammation of the nasal sinuses)

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