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Aqua Maris® bottles

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  • Product sterility
    Safe microbiological protection of the solution is provided by a special valve sterilization.
    Application convenience
    The product can be used in all positions.
    Usage rationality
    The medication container amount can be used till the last drop.
    There is no contact of the solution with the propellant gas occur.
    Innovative tip
    Special design of innovative tip provides effective fluid spraying and washing over the entire length of the nasal passages.
    Spraying is caused by the pressure on the container with the seawater solution when pressing the dispenser tip.
    Key benefit of the aerozole form is that it provides continuous liquid supply of the nasal cavity. That means you can control the duration of washing yourself.
    Dispenser tip
    User friendly anatomical tip
    provides comfortable
    washing of the nasal cavity.
    Solution feeding valve
    The valve opens
    when pressing the dispenser.
    Leakproof pocket
    with a product
    There is no contact of the pocket
    contents with propellant gas.
    with propellant gas
    Gas provides continuous
    pressure on the pocket
    with a solution.
  • Product sterility
    Aggressive cleaning and sterilization methods are not applied in the process of manufacture.
    Convenient tip
    Provides controlled solution spraying.
    Compact bottle
    You can always keep the spray
    with you and use when necessary.
    While pressing, the mechanical spray metering device softly sprays the liquid on the nasal cavity surface. The pump spray provides spraying of the local nasal mucosa instead of washing it.
    Spray form is ideal for the removal of allergens and alien particles, sinking near the nose vestibule while breathing.
    Spray form is ideal for the removal of viruses and bacteria, sinking near the nose vestibule while breathing.
    Metering device
    Device for automatic
    solution metering and supply.
    Suction tube
    Container with sterile
    seawater solution.
  • Product sterility
    A special seawater filtration method is applied in the process of manufacture instead of the aggressive cleaning and sterilization.
    Convenient application
    The drops are the only possible form for children from 0+ years old.
    Drops are the most suitable and safe dosage form for the newborn babies, as the liquid is freely supplied to the nasal cavity without creating undesirable pressure.
    Anatomically infants have a short and wide Eustachian tube. If the liquid is supplied into the nasal cavity under pressure, there is a risk of its getting into the ear canal and development of the otitis media.
    Special bottle tip
    Provides controlled
    solution supply.
    Container with sterile
    seawater solution.
  • Aqua Maris® Norm Aerosol spray

    Aqua Maris® Norm is an isotonic seawater solution for the treatment of running nose with rhinorrhea. This “aerosol spray” is used in adults and children from 6+ months old.

    During application of Aqua Maris® Norm the seawater solution is supplied in the form of a continuous water flow, thus providing ideal washing of the the nasal cavity and removal of mucus, containing viruses and bacteria. Besides, the product has local anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the risk of complications like otitis media or sinusitis.

    Aqua Maris® Norm reduces the duration of the respiratory disease!

  • Aqua Maris® Baby Aerosol spray

    Aqua Maris® Baby Intensive Rinsing is an isotonic solution from the Adriatics for treatment of the running nose with rhinnorea. For children from 3+ months old.

    Aqua Maris® Baby Intensive Rinsing bottle has an anatomical tip designed for small babies’ noses. For cleaning baby’s nose from mucus, viruses and bacteria.mom is able to control the washing period by herself Aqua Maris® Baby reduces the duration of the respiratory disease!

  • Aqua Maris® Extrastrong Aerosol spray

    Aqua Maris® Extrastrong is hypertonic seawater solution to relieve severe nose stuffiness and treatment of rhinitis. The product is packaged as spray and is approved for use by adults and children 2+ years old.

    The use of Aqua Maris® Extrastrong allows to relieve severe nose stuffiness without using vasoconstrictors and antihistamines. The product is suitable for children and pregnant women.

    Aqua Maris® Extrastrong Spray has a double effect at a running nose: it effectively washes the nasal passages and eliminates oedema and nose stuffiness.

  • Aqua Maris® Ectoin nasal spray

    Aqua Maris® Ectoin is a so-called “barrier product” based on ectoin ingredient for prevention allergic rhinitis for adults and children 2+ years old.

    Ectoin is a unique substance forming stable bonds with water molecules on the nasal mucosaand creating a protective film, preventing adhesion of allergens. This unique effect blocks the development of the allergic reaction and reduce the severity of symptoms

  • Aqua Maris® Strong spray

    Aqua Maris® Strong spray is a hypertonic seawater solution for nose stuffiness facilitation in adults and children 1+ year old. This is an excellent alternative to synthetic vasoconstrictive agents, which can’t be used for a long period of time.

    Aqua Maris® Strong metered spray helps to remove oedema (due to the high salt concentration the solution pulls the liquid out of the mucosa) and relieves nose stuffiness. It also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Due to the essence seawater microelements tAqua Maris Strong facilitates strengtheninng the local immunity.

  • Aqua Maris® Plus spray

    Aqua Maris® Plus is an isotonic seawater solution with dexpanthenol, aimed at prevention and restoration of the mucosa in case of the dry (atrophic) rhinitis and for nose dryness removal. The product is used in adults and children from 1+ year old.

    Dexpanthenol promotes mucosa regeneration and restoration, including post-surgery or long-term use of topical decongestants and l steroids.

  • Aqua Maris® Classic spray

    Aqua Maris® Classic spray is an isotonic solution from the Adriatic Sea water for the prevention of the running nose and acute respiratory virus infections in adults and children from 1+ year old.

    Aqua Maris® Classic evenly sprays and moisturizes nasal mucosa, mechanically removing viruses and alien particles and preventing adhesion and penetration. Usually when the man breathes in inviruses sink near the nose vestibule. In this case, the washing is not necessary – you just have to spray the mucosa, removing viruses from the local surface. Besides, Aqua Maris® Classic saturates nasal mucosa with the essence seawater microelements and stimulates local immunity.

  • Aqua Maris® Drops for Kids

    Aqua Maris® for Kids is an isotonic solution from the Adriatic Sea, produced in the form of drops. The product is recommended for regular nasal cavity care and prevention of the running nose in children from the very first days.

    Newborns and babies can’t blow nose and clean it theirselves Aqua Maris® for Kids makes dry crust soften and remove it and mucus from the nasal cavity, strengthening local immunity and moisturizing the mucosa

  • Aqua Maris® has a wide product range: drops, pump sprays and aerosol sprays with special tips. Variety of forms facilitates to choose the best remedy for the selected purpose: running nose treatment in adults and children, Sore thoat, prevention of respiratory diseases, daily care and hygiene.

    Aqua Maris® has its own remedy for every occasion! Regardless of the medication form (spray, aerosol, drops) all medications preserve the solution sterility and the unique composition and properties of the natural water from the Adriatic Sea.